Your just jealous of my celebrity girlfriend

Obviously Chinese HackersWhy is it so difficult to find a good doctor. Its no mystery here after being forced to take medication and involuntarily commited for two years or so its no doubt I can’t even stand the sight of them. Usually it doesn’t take a genius to realize when someone is insulting you or in some cases even creating fake RCMP reports. Some doctors are a real shocker at how delusional they really are. There is nothing to imagine here omg is she ever cute. Obviously your jealous and that’s why we got into a fight? I keep trying to find some things interesting but how some people find me confusing is a bit of a misnomer.test

Its tough to actually read my book from beginning to end but I will never get a real reader so it doesn’t really matter anyway. You know how it hurts to type for 3 excuse me 12 months? You get hand cramps and you have to take beer breaks and well I wont even get into the inevitable conversations with your cat.

I think being involuntarily committed really has to be the most disturbing thing its even worst than prison. I would prefer prison at least all you are is held and then released eventually if your good.

What does Calvin Harris Dj? How am I making fun of myself? Who finds the 2 bitcoin? I don’t want 2 I want the 12.5 surly there is some kind of patch so I can get full block reward?



It was truly paradise?

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