The NSA track “M” the CIA whack “M”

You did this too well
Zombies Eat Brains

Well someone had to die perhaps your brain interpreted the communication as less than comical and you decided in your ignorant adolescence that I needed to be taught a lesson.  Well in efforts to keep you in the know I was assaulted yet again for no reason at the Avalanche on Dec, 29th Saturday around 2am.  This time wasn’t as bad as other times I can’t even believe I am saying that but its true.   The assault however did draw blood.  If at any time during your night out I suggest leaving immediately when some ” Punks ” come up to you asking you ” To Go “.  With 3 police officers even on scene its almost hilarious that it goes un-reported.   Again I’m not one to complain but how is it this happens over and over again.  I suggest that the Avalanche Bar & Grill hire more security since it seems this is the only bar I am not banned from.  Perhaps I get banned because I am the one that gets assaulted so much?  Maybe in some upper echelon of brain storming this makes sense.  How can people be so ignorant , power mongering, and foolish.  Its very frustrating when they think this is going to pack them in.  Is this some publicity gimic that makes the thrill seekers return.  Well I keep getting lesson after lesson telling me I’m not wanted anywhere.  I guess ladies none of you are worth meeting and I think that’s the message.

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