Real Bullets Real Murder Investigation

Maybe I made a Mistake
Surrey, BC: JULY 18, 2015 — Police and Independent Investigations Office investigators look for clues Saturday morning July 18, 2015 where a man was shot dead by the RCMP at the RCMP District Office at 152nd Street and 18th Avenue in Surrey, BC overnight. A RCMP member was taken to hospital with injuries as a result of the incident. (Photo by Jason Payne/ PNG) (For story by reporters) [PNG Merlin Archive]
What the heck could you possibly be looking for. How could anything be more important than recovering the $1300 or $1230 dollars? Its the situation that really is most annoying. Pain, Pain and more pain. Real mind readers solve murders? Why is the conversation so dark today. What about all the shootings in high schools? Is murder a psychological problem with young people under 30? I don’t wish to disturb my readers but there really are none according to this. ? ?

Is this a big readership or some kind of ridiculous bot somewhere.  Perhaps Reading Nowhere Near Perfect takes less than 5 weeks?  What are you guys like supermen or superwomen?  You need breaks, coffee’s , research?

What does this have to do with the music industry.  I really did think I heard someone that was shot in the head for some reason after being assaulted ” YOU KNOW LAST TIME “.

Why do I keep getting abused.  What do I have to do to get this settlement for 1 million this is getting ridiculous.

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