Cryptonight Lite Baikal Miner N Mining Pools

dohTrying to find a Asic Friendly mining pool on the cryptonight-lite setting for my Baikal Miner N but so far no luck nothing seems compatible it seems V1-V7 Cryptonight Lite has patched all servers so these don’t work anymore. It would be nice to find a mining pool that allows this miner to mine. Its too bad I had high hopes for this rig. I have tried contacting baikal but they don’t respond with any information or links or anything. It really does seem strange to me to sell a device which they have no support for and basically doesn’t work with any pools. Perhaps someone somewhere out there can tell me of a mining pool this device works on. I am not sure where you go to find these pools but it must exist somewhere I really would like your help if you can locate a pool that works with this machine. It really does feel a bit silly having a machine that basically doesn’t work with anything I wonder why they do that. I hope to hear from you. Email: if you have any information regarding this thanks. Yes it does seem strange to buy a cryptonight lite miner and not be able to mine anything with it.

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