Taylor Swift Grammy Nominations 2019

TaylorDon’t ever fall for this. Women are the most manipulative creatures in the world. Apparently Niki Minaj and Taylor Swift both were snubbed and never got nominated. Maybe I am wrong but what is the deal with these things. Perhaps we are all just lazing around on our couches wondering what gives? I don’t really know if it is actual fact. But this like all other posts is just one bored Canadian’s opinion trying to steal some of the enormous google search traffic love for the topic. Do you have to be kind of special to believe when your website gets thousands of hits or perhaps your the special kind of person that knows how to fake your own traffic. Why I remember back in the day making $40-$170 dollars a day off my search traffic! Oh those were the days when I was rolling in it. What is God Tay Tay? Maybe secret codes and special emails from china? What do I do? Will I ever get the job at CSEC, CSIS, (other important canadian agency). Why not? I am sure there are other people with token jobs that do nothing important. Jesus, Can you imagine? Fancy Squid Hacking Group How can we all just get along.
Silly questions ensue.
Silly answers a rise.

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