I can't get off the couch

Earns DirecTVTimes are tough the bank account is permanently being emptied out by the russians and chinese mafia?  Well perhaps you can help help me in some way.  Why does this always happen to me.  I’m stuck on the couch terrified of my wicked wicked ways…
” Im wicked and Im lazy…..”
I don’t think I will be chasing work anymore I learn’t my lesson the harder I try the more complicated you make things.  I am trying to give myself a title now.  ” Cryptography Crimes Analyst ” hows that sound more professional?  I study things?  Why do people keep asking me what I do?  Is it the word ” WELFARE ” the government hates to hear?  How many Genius’s are on welfare?  How many people at BCHYDRO have been murdered?  Honestly I really would like to start filling out some freedom of information requests.
只要您投註紅包天天搶手拵餸最高$3888?-Bitcoin To secure the Ethereum Chain?時時計劃送送送,開獎速度 搜易
I’m not making fun of myself but really if you think I can hold down a job your a better man/woman than me.  Honestly I am tired of competing with you.
This .25 Bitcoin the Germans gave me to look after is mafia?  Oh come on confuse me some more its fun.  What is my ledger pumping out now?  I just maintain blockchains I don’t really do anything too important.
Why are the Chinese spamming me?
Why are you spying on me?
Why am I so amazing?
Why are you hacking me?
Why are you being silly please lets stop pretending I can do this don’t you think after 32 times I would of learn’t that I am not STRONG enough for this.

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