Stay " Minty " and " Frosty " my friends

fairWill my friends ever show up?  This crypto currency stuff really is weird no one seems interested in keeping the market stable.  Sure there is people that talk a good game but can’t secure the markets.  Everything is a gamble and there are no sure things.  Perhaps Mining Bitcoin is the only real fair play.  To me it looks a lot like everyone is really going out of there way to make everyone that trades Bitcoin either look like a idiot or a criminal.  I am sure that can’t be the case.  Perhaps there are German Hackers that create Bitcoin out of thin air and really have learnt how to hack the apparently unhackable blockchain.  Any way I guess this turns into a game somewhere and why arn’t my masternodes performing properly?  Maybe I will find a way to pay for Vultr hosting?  Does this go through bell the canadian government infrastructure?
I miss getting the paper for you.

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