Well I don’t think a girlfriend is a Top 10 on my to do do list….

woofda woofda woofdahI’m running out of disk space on my personal computer.  The hard drive is failing.  My memory is slow as a turtle and nothing is mineable.  Is there anything that could get worst.  It never happened for me, the career, the wife, the children , I don’t know I guess I just never tried hard enough.  If you look at it how difficult is this to achieve, nearly impossible if you ask me.  Who would want to do the unselfish thing and have a child.  A lifetime of responsibility and worry who needs it.  Perhaps without GOD none of this is possible.  And yes LAWN token for Comox Valley LawnCare is still one of the most expensive ERC20 Tokens and it isn’t getting much cheaper anytime soon.  So if you have .5 ethereum burning a hole in your pocket you want to waste it on a token you need me to get your value back from it, sheesh this is the token for you.

What would I do?

Covert ops.


Deep seated mole activity.

And thats just a start,  A ” HARD LINE ” to the bunker will be necessary, TRUCKS , GUNS, BOMBS and that’s just a start.

MONEY….. AND DON’T FORGET .GARDEN?  ITS the conversation with a genius or a rocket scientist? Did .Garden even exist in 1969?

dns1.nic.garden ?  London ? Apparently Karl has a DySon…  perhaps this leads to weird conversations.

The russians?