Scrypt Jane New High Value Coins

sweetIf anyone knows of any scrypt jane coin mining pools and exchange for existing and working scrypt-jane coin let me know you can email me at if your have found something.  I have been searching and searching and searching but it seems this algorithm has  long been abandoned.  Why does this make life too easy or something?  Heaven forbid life actually make sense and get easier for me.  It seems I still don’t talk much to my sister or what it is I have done that devalued myself in her eyes but it sure would be nice to see her again.  It seems she seems to think of me as less than a man and for what reason blows my mind.  Still the market is less than soft for and still only a meager 1000 coins have been sold.  It would be nice to see the market heat up 8AM this friday but I can only do so much.  Maybe you can help me straighten out the attitudes of those being ignorant at and .  It seems there is always this barrier when it comes to finding good help.  But anyway back to the subject is there even one man or woman in this entire world can can create (heaven forbid) or at least direct me to one, JUST ONE! actively traded scrypt jane coin with exchange and mining pool.  Thanks again for those that I may have inadvertently offended that are indeed making life myserable with bad compatibility issues at conomi , metamask and etherscan.  Yup it really is a pain in the ass.

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