Am I ” Too Smart ” for this what exactly is “Random Blocks”

Is 1P3GQYtcWgZHrrJhUa4ctoQ3QoCU2F65nz the only person that wins Bitcoin Cash over and over and over again?  Come on give us a break already is this random?  Who is this person?  So it seems this person is winning just a bit too frequently every time I check my screen this person just found BCH again?  437.74596252 BCH?  I thought finding blocks was suppose to be random but I guess there just seems to be the same people that have in someway convinced the network that they deserve to win more often?  I hate to complain but what the heck I thought I would throw a few terrahashes at this problem for a month.  One thing is for sure without a ASIC you aren’t going to get a terra hash of processing power out of a pc maybe 430 MHS?  Well its so hard to METER these things but surely we could borrow a bit from Russia?  HAHA well I have rented farms from amsterdam, Russia , USA I think I have diversified my processing requirements fairly well.    Yup Still trying to get rich and begging the GODS that I deserve this.   Will I ever win?  Or is this just designed to annoy and never win to keep us motivated?  .<.?>


<Mined> (Untraceable)