Free cryptocurrency ERC20 Token Airdrops

airdropThere are many cryptocurrencies out there giving away free tokens and they call this airdropping.  I guess its all a way of promoting there business and keeping people interested and maybe draw the occasional investor or two.  You can hold these tokens for a long time hoping they will gain value over time or even possibly sell them on exchanges that have them listed.  It can be a complicated thing free cryptocurrency airdrops in that you have to register for some companies KYC to get your information to get the free tokens or perhaps be a part of some publicity on twitter , facebook or telegram.  You then can get rewarded with tokens for advertising and referring people to sign up for them.  The past week or more I have signed up for quite a few of these cryptocurrency airdrops and haven’t really received my tokens yet as most are in their ICO status and not trading on exchanges yet.  These tokens you get have to have a market for them to be bought and sold on so ” Creating a Market ” takes time and who knows maybe one day some of these freebies might be worth a nice chunk of money.  Cyrptocurrency is different from stocks in that the tokens might represent a IDEA or intellectual property as well as potential services or products.  A new  crypto that has got my attention of late is HINT  Its a Artificial Intelligent Commerce related app.  You can buy Hint Tokens on Forkdelta here most of these new ICO’s can be bit of a mystery to me but its interesting finding out more about all of them.  Who knows maybe in a few years it might be the next facebook and everyone will have a app.  Its difficult to begin to see how all of these ICO’s compete for your attention.

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