Do actors pay the price forgetting their lines?

ripHow is it that some people are just naturally talented and have a gift for the gab.  Can you imagine how difficult it must be being a actor at times.  Pages of lines to remember and how to properly interact with others and remembering all your lines must be impossible.  Perhaps they really do never get the script exactly right or there is those that really do have a photographic memory.  I have a idea that when a actor forgets his lines that results in a kill if its a action movie perhaps.  Finding your own words perhaps is the only way to get through some scenes.

Perhaps I’m watching a bit too much t.v. Should I read a novel or two maybe that’s the way to go.  Talking to people can be difficult at times and depending on the situation nearly impossible.  Also many people don’t like being disturbed from there already busy schedule.  I like to think I can respect someone that doesn’t like talking to strangers since that is indeed what we were taught at a young age.  Making it a job to do just that seems to test the psychology of who we strike up conversations with.  Wasting peoples time can really get some people aggravated making it difficult to “Work Through” a script.  Like extra’s on a set actors have to realize that if too many people get “killed off” the movie suddenly gets a bit dull.  If your into comedy there is just so many times you can watch a person eat a comically large ass too.  I guess actors have to take the literal world and script to heart some days and this makes scene creation a bit awkward.

Actors that have a gift for the gab must really be good at what they do though stealing scenes and going on extremely long sketches to eat up time.  It can be difficult getting through the day when you are approaching dozens of people a day.  I guess it isn’t time to join the actors guild but I get a sense of how difficult it must be and how being a “People Person” is necessary.  Oh and lately I have to be careful not to rank for family member keywords apparently that is a taboo subject.  I guess I feel a bit “Toxic” to the family unit currently having the fact I must go it alone reinforced.  I guess that’s just ” Life “.  Well if your indeed a actor try not to forget your lines.  Trust me you will pay the price in the end.