Nicaragua Bar Scene

Loose Moose BarMaybe your looking for The Loose Moose Canadian Bar. Don’t fail me guys now that I am too old for the bar scene. I like the name of this one. Perhaps it makes me suggest its the most happening pub in Nicaragua. It’s tough to find on the map but I got a sneak peak inside some similar pub establishment via my typical 360 degree photo plotters. How hard do you have to work? I guess I kind of let the company down again not being able to hold down a part time job. I guess people must think I’m really starting to get lazy. I guess its just tough saying the same thing over to people maybe a hundred or so times a day or more. I guess you really can start to get annoying when you forget a face and bother the same person more than once. Potential customer facing positions or door to door sales can be some of the most arduous jobs in the world. There is no escape from the grind of face to face meetings and perhaps that’s the most difficult part about them.
Whats this got to do about pubs?
Not sure but you will never find me in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua but perhaps if you find yourself there you might want a drink too. Maybe you just want to knock the edge off the situation. Its tough everywhere when your looking to do something to better yourself off financially but I doubt you will find the wolves of wall street there. We are talking about the nicest most friendliest people on the planet right? While I thought Canadians had a global reputation for being some of the nicest people I wonder if this is what they were going for at the loose moose canadian bar.
Facing people and trying to promote or selling something has to be one of the most difficult things to do.  So why is it so easy at bars?  I guess if you really think about paying  5-7 dollars for something that you can buy for $1.63 multiple times in a night perhaps this is the easiest place to do it.  I guess you should really get something too since the mark up is up to 400%.  As far as retail goes I don’t think there are many other organizations getting this much mark up simply for keeping there doors open.  But what about the risks at bars?  I guess you could get the wrong type of person?  But what is the wrong type of person?  Is a drunk person the wrong type?  Any way I really don’t understand the psychology of telling someone to go away that’s looking for some kind of communication.   I guess I just don’t get it.  Well you know what they say you can add as many as 5 years to your life buy having 1 to 2 drinks a day.  But I doubt I would ever pull off those kinds of numbers.  Well good luck loose moose I hope business gets better after this.  Sometimes I wonder if people just read my blog in hopes they can find alternate ways of embarrassing me.

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