How to make money online via Dropshipping

dropshippingMaybe you have heard of Dropshipping? Its where you don’t actually keep the products you sell online but fulfill the order if it comes to fruition with another company. There are many companies like aliexpress that offer many items with free shipping straight out of china. Not sure how these companies can afford to send items for free all over the world but somehow they make it work. The major expense of conducting any online business is the cost of shipping. Even if you sell a item your sort of stuck with eating the cost of shipping if you make the sale. There is a way you can sell items on places like eBay and never really stock the item but get other places to fulfill the orders with free shipping. Apparently you can make good money doing this but I really haven’t talked to anyone that has made it there career dropshipping items. I have watched many videos online telling me it can be done with aliexpress and selling there items on eBay but not sure if that works out so well in the real world. It’s really tough selling anything online due to the competition and low costs out of china so I guess this is sort of a win win for some people. I guess its something to think about if you can make a profit on selling items if you don’t have to carry them except fulfill the order when someone actually buys the product for a profit on your end. I guess it would be a interesting project to try but I can imagine there are big head aches when people don’t get there products and being a 3rd party might really cause some problems when that happens for whatever reason.

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