Steve Katovic – Perhaps my sister is on to me?

Why waste my 10-20 years of seo to be taken the wrong way.  What wouldn’t a man that has nothing to do with the internet want to tell the world.  Who cares if I get 100,000,000 real people impressions a month or not.  What would I say?  Well Steve Katovic is my father not much to say I guess other than he raised me and was a awesome father.

Isn’t that amazing?  We wonder how impossible it is bringing a human being into this world is.  What is there to approve?

I don’t like manipulating the impressive global importance google has.  But what about if it can be done do it?

Imagine the frustration of doing this to anyone getting up at 4:00am everyday with unfortunately the problem of a sleep pattern of only 10:00 or 11:00pm giving the minimum of only 5-6 hours sleep.  Imagine being abused in this matter?  I thank god I never know what I truely know what causes psychosis.  Do you want 40 years of clinical evidence?

I’m not liked in my family because perhaps I’m too clinical for reality.  Reality should of been easier for my father but I really don’t know what to say about him to be historically online and recorded for the world.



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