Leona Katovic sometimes we fail buying all the tea in China

Leona Katovic Well apparently they like pictures.  Ha Ha but one thing Leona Katovic has made clear and that is you won’t find her online.  I don’t want to fight my sister for search dominance but I really do Love her more {ha ha}.  Why must we compete for our parents love over all the tea in China which [true story] I failed trying to buy at that new lovely tea shop David Teas in the Driftwood Mall Courtenay.  Well maybe I am not the best one to ask as if you check the history many people are sure I and my mother work for CSIS.  Well untrue…..  We would never work for such a silly abstract thought or those in the know thoughts.  I seen a article which I hot linked her name to from infocus magezine (WOW) but I am in forbes mom wouldn’t you rather like that link back “ha ha”.  She really is the light of my life but apparently your founded upon if you live with your parents past 40.  I thought we went through this, I will start looking for part time work in another 3 years after someone pays me back for all these stock losses.  Someone has to be accountable for all this as I feverishly try and pay for this with some (TD, Questrade, Scotiabank, Etrade, RBC) magic.  Well I don’t own the driftwood mall but some days I think I do lol.  A very Big Number.  Well if you want that 2.5 trillion dollars in trades memorized I can’t because sadly to me this really is a game.  I don’t know who I offended but some days I wonder.  Well Leona Katovic today is your day will you out rank Kevin or Info Magazine.   You won’t find her online and that’s true maybe it has something to do with the Russian I never picked up or the Grandma I never visited on her death bed but either way all I can tell you is I love my mother with all my hart and hope this ranks appropriately.  So being part of a ponsey scheme is that what my job is?  Is Rufus Paul Harris really a criminal that got 1 million from his mother?  What exactly am I inheriting here.  Is this illegal?  So many questions.  Oh yes and maybe when I reache 420 words I will post this just a search thing lol.  Is twitter the only way we can communicate?  Do I know any celebrity?  Is my credit line really hers?  I would drop a name here but well everyone should know I love her regardless of how many times I failed to go to her concert.


P.S.  The diamond engagement rings still aren’t here yet and I do I don’t know about you (comedy off).

Sincerely,  Kevin Katovic

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