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failWhats in a name.  Is it code for something?  So all CODE TLD’s are generated in Australia?  I really don’t understand looking to get started earning online but I keep failing.  What does it take to earn.  Sometimes I can’t help feel judged.  I don’t feel paranoid but what is the difference?  Is there a competition between those who say if it can be done do it and those aspiring to be like God.   Since God is somewhat of a concept what is the concept.  Maybe God is a concept?  If you hate the fact so many believe in a creator so is those who try and expain the unexplainable with the concept of God.  I know if it can be done shouldn’t it be done?  Its all a novel concept but I have a book for sale for a million and so far no takers.  Visit  for the low down and dirty of how to do exactly that.  Am I getting greedy?  Who is Ercannou?  Its no mystery that I am not crazy but some days I feel we all could learn something from AMOS Katovic putting legal on it really seems a mute point.  Well good luck Ercannou with the goal of Wells Fargo making you rich.  I would rather see that guaranteed with Fairstone Financial which I just might have to do times are getting desperate.