‪‪New Orleans Pelicans‬, ‪DeMarcus Cousins‬, ‪Los Angeles Clippers‬, ‪Blake Griffin‬, ‪Anthony Davis‬‬

NBAThe trends really tend to make no sense to me if you follow them for instance what does blake griffin black panther demarcus cousins jaromir jagr rey mysterio all doing in the same search.  I guess we never really will understand yahoo or bing search.  Maybe they are just alternatives to what people choose in the address bar of their web browser.  Has basketball become that popular in Canada and I just haven’t noticed?  I guess having noticed a spike in search across Canadian computer systems I thought I would try and capitalize on this new trend.  Perhaps I am failing and NCAA just isn’t the best choice for me to blog about.  The NBA has its reasons for moving players around the league but that perhaps wasn’t a description of one of the best moves.  I try to keep on top of ‪Blake Griffin searches and similar things but like most search nothing really seems to make sense to me.   I think search traffic is just unpredictable the only thing that really made sense to me in the past for consistent search statistics was digital cameras.  Of course like all good things it had to come to a end.  Its hard to be consistent with search traffic these days and finding a niche really is difficult.  DeMarcus Cousins really is a force in basketball and seems to be the most popular at the moment but is sports in general that consistent?   Maybe people searching for stats and there favorite players really is making a big move on the search trends these days and I just missed the bus.  Well I wonder how popular ‪‪New Orleans Pelicans are compared to the other teams.  Perhaps this is worth keeping a eye on.   Well I don’t want to waste my time on here talking about the Los Angeles Clippers but what else is there to talk about.  Keeping it real at the moment.  I guess buying coins out of china will have to remain my hobby at the moment perhaps talking about sports will never really make much sense here.

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