James Franco Denies Sexual Misconduct Claims

golden globesJames Franco faces criticism regarding what he wore at the 75th golden globes awards 2018 and no it wasn’t a dress.  Among the sexual misconduct claims James Franco wore a “Times up” pin created by power women in Hollywood.  The movement stands for the mistreatment and sexual abuse of women.  In defense James Franco says he supports 50/50 and 20/20 not sure what that is but sounds like a word press cryptic title error.  Apparently this came out on Twitter regarding Ally Sheedy.   The disaster artist is online now I’m sure but you tell me more.  Apparently this has made it all the way to the Nytimes where again James Franco defends his position on the women’s movement I suppose.    The National Post even had something to say about this sexual misconduct claim going all the way back to 2017 and conversation James apparently had with a 17 year old.  Well I guess its come down to rehashing the news but I guess that’s the way I see it.  Now I think if this had involved a political person and a cigar we might of seen more traction involving a more viral nature to the content.  There seems to be quite the traction going for golden globe dresses 2018 but I don’t see how that could really be that popular.  I don’t know how to dumb this down even more but if your looking for sexual deviants in Hollywood you might have to try a search for something else.

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