Mining Dashcoin: The next bubble or poised for greatness?

logoA decentralized ledger of all transactions is a novel idea but do to the inherit structure of the books it keeps how does make its coin?  Perhaps we should leave most the public knowledge domain names to the chinese since I’m sure its a conspiracy about non-profit companies.  Maybe I should give up on my current at home projects and spend my time more constructively with non-profit companies.  I don’t know how much talk of blockchain there has to be before your miners start getting really profitable.  The power consumed by some of these data farms must be rather impressive at bitmain.  Do you think you can make a living mining dashcoin?  True the calculations take less cpu cycles but perhaps the bandwidth requirements and update cycles are more than 5 minute increments.  I have wondered for a long time how could I get rich quick but is it something you truly are just born into? I don’t see how boring processing power of the mobile industry could ever lead to a ethical dilemma. Maybe boring bandwidth is the real troublesome part of this venture. For instance lately there been has been some serious contemplation on how much credit to really give me and I think that’s a noble cause. The thing about credit though, you always have to pay it back. Unless someone gets ridiculous on a percent of interest you undoubtably would forget about some things. What do the Chinese know about non-profits and dashcoin? Like most bank robberies I think the idea is to get in and get out fast but what about mining operations isn’t the goal to be there as long as possible? I read somewhere about how someone once spent over $100,000 cash just to make $10 per day. That is one incredible maintenance fee for such a trivial amount. I don’t think dashcoin will make me rich but you can lend a hand running this in the background if you like.
Perhaps taking a few from a transaction is at the heart of being jewish.

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