bitcoinThe creator of bitcoin but wouldn’t it be interesting if bitcoins the intangible concept was created with something more expensive per ounze than gold? I guess like everyone imagined I have conspired with the best of them to provide a intangible that keeps on giving even when things tangible are down. There must be something we can all laugh at “Kyle Summers” scoffs. But who knows. Stealing is stealing but having a imaginary wealth can’t be all wrong today. Whats 50% of nothing but we all have some good ideas some days. Im tired of being burned the sun says. Who cares what light is fiber and what is not. The speed is the equivalent as a asynchronus sdl connection. Tough day. The thing mr. nakamoto doesn’t get is how easy it is to truly hold a intangible. “Let them run amuck amuck amuck amuck” It just can’t be silly. Aspire to be like God. Enough said man this is complicated.

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