CSIS asks for telecom subscriber info but denied intel

CSIS wanted names and street address’s of people using various internet service providers.  You know this hits rather close to home as even I was told by my ISP I was ” Being Monitored ” due to previous csisharassment somehow online.  When asked for particular details they could not provide the information or were unwilling to which obviously means its fabricated in some way.  These people are looking for things to do in an effort I guess to be busy all day but spying is how they wish to do it?  I don’t really think this latest attempt from CSIS to gather information on random internet users accounts is making me or other people feel any safer online.  I know I don’t want my private information being gathered for some reason either way.  I am really at a loss to even begin to understand how I myself might have harassed anyone at all either at the isp or otherwise.  Even more disturbing is the agencies cell phone snooping gathering our IMEI’s and hoping to track them and reveal subscribers Name and address even.  This is going to far as its becoming commonplace where our information seems to leak out for whatever reason.  I don’t exactly know what it is that my current ISP feels I did to harass them but It sure would be interesting to know.  Anyway best of luck making me look interesting in some way as I really have some of the most boring life you can imagine.  Well I wonder which isp’s CSIS asked for subscriber information.

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