Roulette: Katy Perry couldn't of (gotten) the lyrics more wrong

I hope your better than me but does this song begin with Mooktype? I know I use to see type51 kits a lot. I will help you try to decode the lyrics to this song.
Moog Tie…..
Playing by the rules of akam. Of life 365 days on the grind. Someone starbucks I my knee two.
Theres U texting me a little bubble or twubble. I try to ignore these thoughts that rumble. Think I am bereath the insults Fool…….
Big City Lights I’m flirting with fire tonight I am going eat ham get another round and just let snow….
Wanna close me eyes and roll it.
With U
Wanna lose control and fuck it.
Well make up some more good luck with the video.

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