Black Friday – Never go full retard

robert_countessBlack Friday Huge Discount. Book with SmartFares® & Get $15 OffI really don’t know how to say this without smiling. The lord creates us in his image but those that wish there own image reproduced might get a bit freezer burnt.  Ever meet that special someone (you know)  that special person that just makes your day completely a god (explurative) joy to work with.  I seem to get mostly the same thing every month and to be honest its a bit annoying.  I would rather try to decode what black friday truly is.  Is it the day the internet truly goes dark.  Isn’t friday the day that everyone that deserves to be fired really gets fired.  Some people really deserve to be shot with L.R.A.D I however still would rather wake to the katy perry alarm clock which cost me dearly.  Now I know what your thinking…..  Did I eat the red pill or the blue pill and trust me no one wants to be this or be harassed by a fool every month.  But in case your looking this up enjoy the rss feed you (explurlative).

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