Effects of Paliperidone when treating schizophrenia

PaliperidoneI don’t know if this would be a better case study with me being the only one being compared to a control set of so called normal people.  I’m sure not going to miss being forced to take this injection every month.  Its been a long road of constantly persisting I do not wish to take this drug but finally my wishes were granted.  I guess the most embarrassing thing about this has been the indignity of not being able to control what goes in your body.  Having been involuntarily committed into hospital nearly 2 years ago I have been forced to take this drug against my will.  What all started as a physical confrontation with family ended with me being forced into hospital and again the indignity of being committed against ones will with no where to live.  To be honest I don’t think the doctors really care of what a massive intrusion and inconvenience this as been to my life.  I guess once the RCMP are in your home and your escorted out of your residence its all down hill from there.  I am glad that the involuntary certificate is now set to expire and my doctor finally is going to stop committing me which is again the most annoying part of this whole situation.  Unfortunately the hospitals are in some cases being used as prisons keeping people against there will.  You might speculate that this is good as it keeps people off the streets but loss of freedom is just that whether its prison or hospital your being confined against your will.  Even more ominous is the fact a doctor is your jailer and now one man or woman controls your freedom via a certificate into hospital.  Unfortunately this seems to be a big grey area for the law as doctors are some how even issuing warrants for your arrest back into hospital if you don’t abide by conditions a doctor sets out for your release when involuntarily committed.  I was not on any medication for most my life before being committed and this has been a huge distraction on my life.  My doctor was incredibly stubborn forcing me to be his patient under involuntary certificate for nearly two years now.  I have been released from hospital on a few different occasions and never been held this long before being forced to take a medication.  For me the effect of Paliperidone has been negative causing me some joint and bone pain.  No professional medical opinion has been that this drug is designed to ” Level your electrolytes out “.  I don’t know that’s life I guess as dopamine being released in a staged amount seems a bit strange and silly of a plan.   Drugs are drugs no matter what they are.  I don’t wish to artificially control my brain chemistry suggesting that it is some what in need of it compared to the majority of the general public.  For me the effect has been negative as I don’t need any added joint problems.  Paliperidone really hasn’t done anything but help my body become dependent on it.  I hate dependency as this again is a problem caused by drugs in general.  Well all of this seems to be pretty much behind me now as I am once again free other than one more meeting with a parole officer I believe I am in the home stretch to freedom once again.  I have learned quite a bit from my actions two years ago and wish that it truly never happened as it really has caused so much grief and heart-ache.  Well as far as being diagnosed with Schizophrenia I doubt I am much different than any-one else.  I guess the third hand information I did lastly receive from my doctor as he wished that I do not continue to blog I guess about my interaction with him.  Its unfortunate that I have been captive under the law for so long as I really don’t have much to say other than I am glad its finally over.  For a incident that lasted probably no more than 5 minutes it really has taken 2 years of my life.  Its too bad you can’t be compensated for being victim of the system.  After all hospitals are not jails and doctors are not jailers but in some cases it would seem they are just that.  If you care to read about some of my previous experiences my biography Nowhere Near Perfect is available for purchase.   Enjoy the read!