Randy Glasbergen is a funny guy randy@glasbergen.com

I am not sure why Randy Glasbergen is so popular in Google but if you look for CARTOON he is nearly all you find on the subject.  Perhaps Randy has inside lines to the engineers at Google which help his ranking.  After all we know going to the seminars sure don’t work in fact they are a great way to get your website banned.   Speaking from experience no one seems to do no harm in some cases being all they do all day is harm rankings of sites.  Well at least I hope this doesn’t happen to me but Yeah Randy is really funny kind of the way a sliver is hilarious that is deeply buried to the state you can’t get it out and scar tissue has formed preventing its extraction.   Who knows which way to go with this there just images.  No one is laughing here anyway.  But what do I know I just work here at KevinKatovic.com I don’t think anyone has ever met the man.  Amazing.

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