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Fenway ParkCarlita mlb stats are in here they are.

Team LG PA HIP Avg Exit Velocity (mph) Avg HR Distance (feet) Avg Gen Velocity (mph) Avg Launch Angle (deg) Avg Height (feet)
2017 Red Sox AL 240 162 89.89 390.04 73.95 8.09 38.14

Here are the Doug Fister stats

Team LG NP Pitch Type Avg Pitch Speed (mph) Avg Perceived Speed (mph) Avg Spin Rate (rpm) Avg Extension (feet) Avg Exit Velocity (mph)
2017 Red Sox AL 631 Two-seam FB 89.98 90.36 2,002.41 6.59 86.12

You know the division series so there is no point in going into this in great detail but what a year. The Boston Red Sox are heating up and this really is a good time to get ready for some big games. The next are slated as “Must Win” games for the Red Sox. Dough Fister game ended in the 2nd inning with many upset fans for Game three. I don’t really follow baseball but I guess its really popular online these days people are looking up stats and what not. Doug Fister is a low percentage ball walker which is a good thing since his pitching style keeps a hirer strike out percentage. As well Doug plays more ground balls than most other pitchers.

Rafael Devers is a younger player only 20 years of age so the best is yet to come for this third baseman. Devers finished his rookie season .322/.404/.506 which might be a bit upsetting for a first year. I don’t know what to say about Fenway Park here. I guess security is a important part of the playoff games with all the problems in the world currently. Keeping people safe seems to be of a higher importance to the Boston Red Sox. With talks that the shooter from Las Vegas did look for a hotel overlooking Fenway security has to be very important now. I guess with everything going on in the world it can be a bit depressing of late. I suggest keeping busy and maybe starting a hobby or keeping busy in other ways. Well if the topic is playoffs I think you should feel free to comment on what you think is going to happen.

The Boston Red Sox might be feeling the heat and all of us are tuned in to what is going on with baited breathe.

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