No one really knows what hash tag CID9F759992E4C8CB7F83B154669047F3453DFEE6FA really does.    Oh we can imagine though I am sure.  Probably has a price tag of $73,000 dollars a year Canadian and doesn’t really do much other than stare at the wall all day long watching paint dry.  I can imagine the only other most exciting job was that week I spent in a concrete cellar.  Oh those were the days.  I am sure there are hints here and there about what it takes to climb the latter to success there but I am sure a long line of NSA agents are all over that.  Some times my career has made me laugh at times or lack there of.  I wonder if there is any hope for me.  Perhaps I can work again maybe its not to late.  I guess a company might as well pop up Comox Valley Lawncare even had competition for its name.  Amazing.   Some times you find operating legally and operating at all mean two different things.