Where to buy moon shine

You’ve come to the right place.  I’ll hook you up.Where to buy moon shine

Now your going to have to go to the dead man drop in the woods just up old smiths barn.   Make sure your there at the right time too.  Now old smith doesn’t take to kindly to strangers so be careful he doesn’t come out a blasting.  Late night is the best time around 10:00 pm.  Don’t bother asking the competition cause this is the best place.  If you go asking too many people where to buy moon shine you might end up with too many directions.  Now you’re going to have to leave the money for the moonshine in mason jar under the old stump just past the ridge.  Come back the next day and your moon shine will be waiting for you in the hollowed out tree trunk.  Its simple and easy to buy moonshine this way so be on your guard.

Careful of the competition pilfering your money from the drop too.  That’s why we recommend dropping it off at night as not to arouse suspicion.   Best you flash your headlights three times to let us know the drop has been made.  This tasty corn liquor over 140 proof will knock your socks off so its well worth it.  Cousin Larry nearly went blind making the last batch so drink in moderation.  Most our distillers are not blind but some of there vision is failing.  This moonshine is the best on the block so don’t go telling everyone where you got it or we best be running out.  Your going to keep this our little secret on where you got your moonshine.

I hope you have lots of friends too but try to keep this on the down low.  We only have 1000 gallons of moon shine so if you send us too many clients we may run out.  Don’t go bar hoping after getting all tanked up on our product neither.  moonshine  And don’t go running your car on this moon shine though you probably could.  You might go blind drinking some of this stuff too so be careful only drink a gallon or so a week.   We reckon that out to do ya.  So any way we recommend here as where best to buy moonshine.