kevin hartMaybe I’ll ask my audience. Read any good books lately? Do I even have a audience? Well I try but blogging just doesn’t bring them in like it use to. Why I remember when I was blogging about digital cameras and reviewing cameras and I had a following. That of course was back in the day. Now I have to compete with books like I can’t make this up by Kevin Hart. Sure there is a life lesson with each chapter but I have lessons too. Well I know I will never compete with best sellers but you know I like to dream a lot. Maybe my family never had any drug dealers but I had my rough patches.  Sure I’m laughing but you never know the stuff I pumped out in the make believe book the pretenders was pretty horrific stuff.  Of course I never believed any of what I was writing.  I think I am a pretty funny guy too though.  Nowhere Near Perfect was pretty funny.

Well if you insist here’s the link if you want to buy kevin harts I can’t make this up life lessons.  At least this is a true story.  Its so tough to find a true story these days.  I don’t have any money put aside for reading this month but I will have to get it next month its got me interested.  Now if I could only find someone that is really good at SEO that can do some free work for my website too.  Its all about low cost when your living on disability.  I should start looking for work again I guess nothing is surfacing at the moment.  Sure have lots of great novels out there though so there is no shortage of things to get.  I guess I have lots of free time on my hands maybe reading is a great way to fill up some slots.  Well I might not be the biggest comedian in the world but I can make people laugh.  I’m still waiting for my big book sales to start coming in as well.  Well anyway I can’t make this up either selling books has to be the hardest thing in the world.