House fire corner of 17th st and Fitzgerald ave Courtenay, BC Canada

Courtenay housefireI guess its not much of a fire but it looks to me like its enough to completely write off that entire home at the bottom of 17th street Courtenay, BC. Allow me the pleasure of doing the news on this I guess I hope no one was injured. It looks like the home was allowed to burn for quite some time with extreme damage to a old Ford Pickup I believe it was. The pillars to the carport were severely charred. Not sure how long this thing was a blaze as I never noticed anything till now. I wonder if any one was hurt. I never took any photos but I hope the home owner had insurance. Maybe insurance is kind of a mute point when something is damaged this badly.

Most the days go by and I don’t notice too much unless its right in front of me I guess well I never missed this as I walked right beside the blaze today. I can imagine this will be covered in length. I wonder if police think arson is suspected.    I have included a photo of the home which burnt up from Google Maps database notice all license plates are obscured as well you can notice the back of perhaps a resident in the photo.   With technology these days its hard not to get caught on camera since cameras are pretty much everywhere.   Well anyway I guess that’s my coverage of the house fire at the corner of 17th and Fitzgerald Courtenay, BC Canada.

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