Horniest celebrities: Top 5

Just another pick in the poke. What the heck who wants to know who the horniest celebrities are? Ok so maybe you might think this is a garbage post but wait I will break this down for you. I spend a lot of time searching for what might be popular and it has come to my attention that people really do search for things like this so here is my best effort.
Lady Gaga one of the horniest celebritiesNo.5 Lady Gaga!  She has come up on the horniest celebrity meter as number five.  That’s right in the past she has posted to her fans “she was horny” Literally during born this way.  Oh I think we all know there is more too this than surgically enhanced horns on your head but whatever turns your crank I guess if you do this I guess your horny indeed but this is too literal.  What do I know I’m rude.
Another Kardashian makes you horniest of allNo.4 Kim Kardashian.   That’s right and Khloe was showing her pie to everyone so we know this goes in the family.  She has mentioned in the past that her salad making skills will make you horny.   She apparently has a sex tape with twin-c vanilla spilla so that also has horny written all over it.
Another top of the list for horny womenNo.3 on the horniest celebrity list is Salma Hayek because she just looks too serious and this needs to be updated anyway so I am just throwing her in there.  I will have to put her in here just because who knows shes a domestic violence advocate.  Maybe she might be into dominatrix.
I would continue but I just got tired and that’s what you have come to expect from my blog posts I see.  Well I scour that google webmaster data and marvel at the things which egg me on to post.   So maybe I was wrong maybe you expected something longer.  Don’t they always?  Well if you want to read about me complaining all the time I suggest reading the pretenders blog posts.  Wow is that not me.  Well who knows maybe someone will get down to no.1 eventually and we all know it will be Britney Spears which should really get her own section.

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