Who comes up with this crap?

full-of-shitObviously I don’t believe myself that’s why I wrote a book about it.  Who cares where its printed!  Now that being said I don’t think my parents are agents for the CIA or FBI.  You have to wonder what my good doctor is smoking sometimes.  If third party information was allowed in a court of law I can imagine the Chaos that would reign down on the masses.  Everyone would surely be millionaires you know like me.  You know and that being said I really don’t think just because I am a best seller you have open season on my intellect either.  Obviously I have some good ideas but you might wonder who comes up with this crap?  Obviously again I do.  Thank you, Thank you.

Well it really has to be said that some RCMP really do have too much time on there hands.  Maybe if they weren’t being so skeptical and stopped stealing my books I would stop tracking them with the GPS device in them.  So you think your paranoid eh.  Well its just brilliant technology and if you find it you can clone it I suppose but you won’t find the tracker I’m that advanced.  Maybe korea would find the tracker but as I know the location of all 50 devices (Some Failing)  I wonder if I will ever move again.  Sigh.  It was such a good idea though you would think more people would read up on it.  But really good doctor what are you smoking.