“Rocket Man”: Your attempts are suicidal remarks trump

north-koreaI think I remember some posturing by another President once too threatening to wipe a country off the face of the map once and for all.  I think this cold war between USA and North Korea might already of started.  You will never beat a dictator I silently tell myself.  Some people think that the insult President Trump said might not be a insult at all but might be kind of cool.  Calling Kim Jong il “Rocket Man” might be kind of cool some said.  Others might postulate that the president is calling Kim Jong il Gay since the singer of Rocket Man so obviously is.  Calling North Korea’s leader a Flamer might be again more take on the rocket man insults.  I wonder if Rocket Man Kim Jong il is still one of those top secret email relay servers that are open to the world.

This potentially has to be rectified but at least to the best of our knowledge we did not send that missile anywhere good.   Anything flying over Japan’s Airspace can’t really be seen as anything but bad considering Japan’s recent history of nuclear disasters.  I think the last thing Japan wants is another nuclear warhead going off.  Maybe Kim Jong il is suicidal though picking a war with the United States.  Forever United States of America has been sort of like the Bull Dog of the UN.  I must protect all these countries that are powerless to defend themselves.  I don’t know about you but being on the Western seaboard I am just as worried as California that a Nuclear Missile might land in my back yard ending lives.  I think North Korea is just a little behind the times and needs ever so often to remind us that it is the Darkest Country in the world.   I don’t know about the name myself but I think President Trump is calling Kim Yong il Gay or better yet a flamer, get it, flamer haha.