No one wants to go to Mexico that bad

Obviously to be good at something might I start by elaborating in depth about how to truly be good at a subject you must know absolutely nothing about it.  Every wants to work in long tail searches these days since one words are so well generic.  No one searches for balls every time they go outside either.  Who knows when or where the next silly ball will show up.  After all I don’t want to go to Mexico that bad already.  I’m happy where I am who wants to be up rooted and go traveling again.  I mean even if I met that special someone I wouldn’t consider it.

special forcesMexico while I am sure is nice I wouldn’t want to live there.  It would take a supernatural force to make me want to move anywhere to be honest.  Is it true though the most miracles happen when your drunk?  Who would claim to work better drunk as well.  I mean it defies all logic doesn’t it?  I just sit around all day here wondering why the special forces don’t show up.  You know the best of the best.  How wrong have I been up until that point not that identifying them is needed.  I have to wonder when the last time is that I posted a reuters photo.  Any who if anyone takes offense to any of my articles feel free to email the editor at


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