Well I finished posting ” The Pretenders “

Well in my defense I must say this book was truly never meant to be published.  I put it on my blog for hopes it might get some search traffic.  I really don’t believe anything in this book really.  I can’t believe I said some of the things I said.   Maybe I was hoping to get a response out of some poor soul that really did have a interest in my life.  Well if THE GROUP and THE PRETENDERS do exist I can imagine I wouldn’t be very entertaining to them.  Obviously this was all in my head and GOD forbid alcohol played a factor in those rants and raves.  I don’t know maybe you guys really enjoy rants and raves?  I think it would be hard to read about someone constantly paranoid that people really are watching him.   It is most likely these people are just passers by at a certain time being miss interpreted as watching me.  Was it entertaining?  I don’t think anyone could read more than a couple of pages of that.  I know I couldn’t ( laughter ).  What was I thinking?  I think everyone knows what I am full of.  So at least I am doing something I guess.  I really am going to make it up to you with Blow Job for a Towjob novel.   Well Nowhere Near Perfect is the only thing that so far is now ready for you mainstream.  I hope you enjoy.