Basic RGB Development BranchRansomware is the process of your sensitive data becoming encrypted and hackers then asking for a fee to un-encrypt your data again. Only by paying for the decryption key will the hackers release the data correctly.  Don’t give away your money foolishly on the web.  Case in point I have a problem with unknown security encryptions on SSL ie. I might be taken advantage of.  I guess by being someone that wants to understand how I am failing at this point makes me vulnerable to attack.  I can’t see how trying to secure my system should cost money though.  How much more secure can I get than not being able to view your website in the first place.   No need for randsomware I can’t give my credit card data out to someone if I can’t see there website.  I wonder which cypher keys I am missing though.  Perhaps only a hacker to tell me why SSL is failing on certain websites for me.  Maybe someone somewhere has access to the part of my system which can delete SSL certificates in which case that sucks.  I guess I am forever a victim and vulnerable to paying for genius’s to tell me why I am failing on websites.  But alas shaw.ca I can’t see your website is it nice?