Why do stupid people search me out in hopes I’m drunk

What did that jerk say about me now mentality. I am not a racist or
criminal and I am not looking to hurt people but for some reason I keep finding people that enjoy doing just so to me.

Why do stupid people search me out in hopes I’m drunk. This
seems like another pastime for agents of THE GROUP. I can’t go to a
liquor store or cold beer and whine store without groups of annoying
people watching me every move. It seems like I am constantly
monitored by a ignorant force of losers. I select my drink of choice and some military guy rushes past me into the back room. I start getting this loser feeling. Its hard to describe. Its like a feeling where you know everyone makes there money by causing everyone good a problem. Sort of like these people are leeches or criminals just planning how next they can temporarily takes someones freedom away. The energy of asshole seems to be culminating to a intense anger now as I reach the till. A stupid woman seems to try and force me to talk and becomes agitated and angry with my presence. I ignore her since shes a awful person and hates me and people in general. She angrily swipes my beverages and violently thumps it back on the counter. She seemed really stupid like she treat good people like me all day long like crap and still have a job at the end of the day. Why are idiots surrounding me I thought. To me that’s a threat. Everyone in power seems to be some kind of jackass or at least everyone employed by the bar or pub. She forced me into talking to
her like what the fuck lady the debit card you see in my hand not enough. I don’t handle cash nowadays since I found these losers constantly want that. I do nothing to help morons out. They seem to like to hide behind cash transactions. Another band member from a band blows by me into the back room as well. It looks like THE GROUP keeps planning a hit on me like there ignorance has decided they will never pay me. Like they have the power to commit felonies and crimes seamlessly and follow me around and threaten me all day long. I don’t deserve to lose my life to a group of ignorant people. I can’t be falsely imprisoned for buying a drink or alcohol or selling a book. I am not preaching hate unfortunately I am living around it though. These people hate me and clearly in Gods eyes they are defying him by causing me pain. I know when people are thieves and living there lives off of ill gotten gains and this was the feeling. Its like the message is from GOD himself and these people are just defiant children. I couldn’t stand the energy since everyone seemed to be working together to annoy me and this people ruined my day. I had consumed no alcohol at all at this point but I felt a performance was necessary. I began talking to myself since none of these people seemed worth talking to. I began loudly talking about how everyone was a loser and I was tired of being surrounded by them. Losers seem to seek me out. How do they know where I am in real time yet some how they do. They seem to have the same mission too. It seems to prevent me from having any relationships of any kind or having
someone to talk to that cares for me. That seems like the goal. They
seem to try and steal everything they can from me to ensure I lose the
will to live since crime pays here. I was much to intelligent to be paid
from the source. You had to be a mindless follower of THE GROUP to
fit in. Every advances I make to woman or attempts at friendship are quickly retaliated against with force. I am bounced out the bar as soon as I make progress usually or banned. Two bars have already banned me in town why not this one as well. I never do anything violent but I seem to have to keep defending myself against losers. I’m accosted constantly by losers. Young angry jealous men seem to make up the bulk of them and many elderly men as well. Thank goodness the woman just give me the feel that they are hopeless and not losers. Losers seem to know what they are doing is wrong or pathetic but keep doing it because its there job. I can’t stay in a bad job even if its the only job in town if I have to sacrifice my dignity or sense of right and wrong. I don’t want to steal for a living or annoy good people or follow people or spy on people.

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