Intelligence has no place in the military

All of these actions have a lack of dignity. I learn’t applying for the Military quickly that if your there you are willing to sacrifice this commodity for money. If a ominous evil feeling courses throughout the room and it feels like your leader is fighting for his or her life chances are your a victim. Some people are heartless after they learn its them or you to live. Some of these people don’t mind sending a few of their own to the grave either if it saves there life. It becomes obvious when the people recruiting are hiding from you. Chances are your in the wrong place. If your recruiter hides there identity and physical presence from you to speed the paperwork and enrollment up chances are your a victim. Don’t become a victim. Be smart the test itself weeds the people they are looking for out. If your answers multiple choice to questions that have no right or wrong answer but require some input to pass chances are the military is looking for bodies. Intelligence has no place in the military blind loyalty and just being there is the name of the game. It seems that they ensure the quality of the applicant if your willing to sacrifice your intelligence right off to get a job. My best friend changed a lot after he joined the Military. It seems he was always stuck in a stay alive and fuck everyone else event too long or die situation. It might be paperwork
itself that is the enemy of the Military. The only true allies are the ones willing to conspire to kill someone. This is fundamental morally
challenging impossible to evade situation that you will be forced with
being Military. Eventually everyones actions will kill someone in some way directly. Maybe you will press a door bell which kills someone
blocks away, maybe you will turn a light switch and bomb a nation.
There are millions of scenarios that could be thought up where you
become a murderous murdering murderer whether you know it or not. Don’t conspire to kill people, you lose your humanity when you do this. Don’t become a killing machine. Some people call them atms.
The loser feeling is the most horrible feeling. Its like no matter what you do you can’t get away. Everything is ok. If you do wrong
that’s fine we will just have to change your department name. As long as your a part of the Military you agree to it. Now crafty members might say hey Kevin if your smart why don’t you join. They are very tricky. They might try and get you to change boxes from civilian employment to a person with no dignity. This is the Military box it might be in French if they are really doing there job well. Basically joining that box is like saying hey now I am actually giving you a easy way to legally murder me. Which for me was the feeling. Again only 3 out of the 16 people I would trust all the rest seemed like they selected the no dignity box there entire career. They have the most ways of making money though so you can’t fight it eventually you might need a excuse one day. I would rather let the enemy through the back door and wipe out all the losers except for the 3 I trust. Maybe that’s just because facing impossible odds and impossible situations is when I feel most confident in making the best decision. Just kidding doesn’t really seem to be the right words for that since no loss is acceptable.
More gray areas in life seem to be the problem for me right now.
No one wants to cut me any big checks at the moment and they all just seem to be waiting since waiting ensures they can steal more from me. Maybe that’s the loser feeling I have is a desperate society that is so ignorant they don’t mind losing there dignity as long as its making them money. If the only chance at employment is being a woman or having no dignity I think I would like to stay unemployed. Heaven forbid I actually finally get paid for the correct value of my book sales. Not that I am complaining but I feel like there is no point in ever writing again since this just makes matters worst. I am not responsible for the actions of another person. In no way would I ever do something criminal after reading a book. That seems like a retarded thing to do blame a author for someones foolish actions.I am sure I’m not preaching hate but I sure am
surrounded by hateful people constantly. I am the best to people that are doing the right thing. I maybe take a immediate disliking to you if your unethically employed however. Why is it so hard to do the right thing.
Is it so hard to believe?

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