I guess that's really a bad thing to say

We need books in school to teach our children how to read which all of us take for granted. Books are a great teaching tool and wonderful instruments to educate. We need more of them. The type of book that is going to inspire us compels us to do things sometimes. It
makes us escape reality at times too reading stories that tax our
imagination. I think memoirs are great. Reading personal experiences of a person can be addicting. If its untrue though it isn’t very interesting to me. Fictional books can draw from our personal experiences too. I hope I am not too unbelievable. My ego and reality hopefully will never be inflated to delusional levels.
Problems Sunday August, 9th 2015 I seem to have lost a couple
pages of my work mysteriously. I have never had this happen to me
before. I am not connected to the internet so I could not be hacked I can’t  explain this. My computer was on however. I wonder if someone broke into my room I usually leave my back door open. I guess that’s really a bad thing to say. Well you know I don’t worry much since its so rural. I really enjoy my long walks in the wilderness. I have no internet so I sometimes bum WIFI off the neighbors when I need to check email. Hopefully it doesn’t bother anyone. I think I have made a few new friends through a online ad I have been running lately. I enjoy keeping the conversation going but I feel I seem to lose the attention of some of the young woman I message. After all its the internet who knows who I am sending these emails too. Its not like we have proof all the photos we get are from real people. It could be some African warlord for all I know. I miss not having the internet it really is one of my favorite things in the world to past the time. I love all the real time information. Unfortunately I don’t believe all of it. Reading online information seems to be a double edged sword these days. We really can be inundated with bad information at times. Strange though how these pages disappeared.
Monday, August 10th , 2015 11:44am I am done giving my live
performances for the year. I believe it went well except for the audience. While paying for a few live performances myself in the music industry I feel like I am almost a part of it. Of course the being sober almost a hundred percent of the time for the past three months with just one exception might not be the norm. I think the music industry loves me. If I am wrong please be the first to tell me the names of all the impersonators I have seen disguised in the past five years. I have never seen anyone except of course people pretending to be famous singer/songwriters. Nearly all woman of course. Celebrity sightings are quickly dismissed by myself. I doubt a celebrity would ever be caught dead in Union Bay, BC let alone the entire Comox Valley, BC. Being recognized here would be as hard as hell. Everyone is practically seniors and don’t follow the music scene at all. If you were hiding though it would be the ultimate place eh. Well I take that back who knows maybe there is one or two dozen celebrities that frequent here but I would never know. I just don’t seem to pay attention enough. They could be giving concerts in my back yard and I wouldn’t even notice. In fact they could be using my neighbor’s home as some kind of a staging area to hide multiple music reps and singers I still would be clueless. I would like to meet real people one of these days. Famous really doesn’t seem to matter
since I can’t seem to make any friends. Everyone I practically run into is like a hit and run. I tried bars yet same thing its like I am starved
emotionally on purpose. I am given something to look at and if I show
any interest its pulled away from me hidden in efforts I will come back
and keep paying huge liquor tabs. Business as usual I guess for the bar industry. Painful when your forty looking for a real friend though. With the exception for the young lady that knows what she wants and her brothers beat the hell out of you for it. I see no point in bars. They just attract the wrong type of singles. If they are working they seem to all fit into a mold of person defined by the pub or bar itself. I seemed to be able to break down all the pubs and bars in town down into categories. You seem to have the cop bar which btw is closings its doors now, the young employed jock bar, the debtors bar, and the lawyers city council town pub.

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