Your heads a coaster

Intellectually challenged is the phrase I believe people want to call these people. Never admit to seeing a celebrity either. That’s your first mistake. Celebrities take months to plan news releases and schedules and lots of other shit that is so far from the truth it needs to be chronologically documented. Never see one. It fucks the system up. I wish I was the system.
Its over cuz its over you know.
Why do people sue people. I think if you try suing a celebrity
your bound to end up in a world of hurt. Celebrities screw us in other
ways and that being the possession of assets. Some celebrities that
acquire things because other celebrity friends that own stuff die end up with lots of money. Usually they end up with the best lawyers. Us
regular joe’s don’t have the popularity or power to really go toe to tow with a celebrity that screws up.
I sent a letter twice.
Never send letters and establish yourself as a fan to a celebrity
either you will end up getting screwed over. Celebrities need constant
affection and attention from a solid fan base and if you fail to deliver you could be screwed over. A rejected celebrity is a dangerous celebrity. Never start something you can’t finish and if you don’t know anything about a celeb writing a letter is never going to help. In fact it will draw unwanted attention to you and they might even rely more and more on your unconditional love and attention. Scary stuff. Specially if you reject them after years of attention or months whatever the case may be. If you have a jaded celebrity on your hands next thing you know you might start getting screwed over by his or her famous friends. You have to commit to a handful at most and that’s just the way it is. If you over extend yourself or dilute your obsessive compulsive wanting and needing of there images you might go under attack. Celebrity’s have too much power and influence last thing you need is making a celebrities hit list. Never try to become famous. Celebrities hate that. If you are extremely popular celebrities will do there best to ignore people that are really pushing in doors to see you. Heaven forbid you draw a crowd or start crowd sourcing. If that happens your going to have to hide dart out of wherever you are and claim people are really there to see (Fill in the Blank) a week or more later when they are out of that town. That’s just the way things are done. The only real celebrities are actors. OK well you know what I mean. Actors have to really be careful how and where they become real. I think the very fact that one of them ended up in Uculet and Parksville actually ruined his career. Local news loves downing someone that’s hurting it seems. Bankruptcy and string of bad
luck plaguing actors is the worst wrong publicity that can end their
career. Overall I think seeing a celebrity is kind of a bit of a screw off to most every regular people in the first place. Celebrities like to throw a party and be the focus of everyone’s attention. If you accidentally stumble into someone else’s party its best you leave if you are drawing stares. If your a celebrity and reading this your probably already screwed.
Diplomatic Immunity
Again just yet another interesting categorization of a topic that I want to share. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Diplomatic Immunity. Imagine to be opulently rich and be able to jet set around the world with diplomatic immunity subjecting you to only the laws of your own country and not the one your in. Depending on how small and strange your country of origin is this could get interesting. There has been some strange laws in the law books throughout the ages. Did you know that at one time woman were not allowed to wear more than 8 ozs of clothing.

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