Eventually won't someone have to pay for it

I wish I did perhaps then this chapter would have been more impressive. I don’t really want to meet any either but if they want to by my book that’s wonderful.
You really have to feel sorry for celebrities. At some point these
people are almost necessary to life. We need people to entertain us that will go either which way on any issue and have no opinion whatsoever on anything. Maybe that’s what it takes to be a celeb. How do they get there fame. Do they write a big check to themselves so they can pay for everything. Where does the money come from. How do they pay for the limos the drugs the expensive homes. I think to own nearly any home in Vancouver these days you have to be famous. With a average home cost between 500 and 600 grand you would have to be rich to begin with. How depressing is that. No work whatsoever and what is available is few and far between but homes are ridiculously unattainable. It doesn’t make sense to me. Yet somehow celebrities show up and buy something. Maybe celebrities screw the economy. I wonder if these unlimited red or black American express cards really are unlimited maybe that’s whats fueling this over spending. Eventually won’t someone have to pay for it.
I guess hockey can fuel most of the cost through the Rogers Arena. It’s about the most money I think the entertainment industry comes up with. I can’t see the concert events really making that much with
configurations about 100 grand who couldn’t rent the Rogers Arena for a day. Yet that would be fairly difficult to fill up. I’m sure I don’t have enough people buying my book which I don’t get my royalties for I might add to fill it up. Even if I did what would you expect of me. My comedy is fairly dry. A free book at the end seems like more or less punishment to anyone paying between 75-1500 per ticket. If you buy tickets for the pit or back stage pass I promise not to disappoint. I promise you its the same price. Fuck now her dads yelling at me. Never mind I think you get the picture. I wonder if I am close enough to only ticket master location on Vancouver Island.
Celebrity screws could basically take your life from what I hear.
If a non-celebrity doesn’t know enough real celebrities yet has allot of
real fame and popularity things could get dangerous. Some celebrities
can get violent that’s just another way they screw you. If your dead
chances are your not going to enjoy much more of your fame. Trust me if she wants you dead your dead. Hey where the hell was I. Nice red couch I gotta run. Seems like the story of my life. Another celebrity screw is getting killed by them I guess. I kind of have a weird feeling and I’m not sure why but in the back of my head it seems almost like famous people are allowed to murder. Why is that. It seems like for some reason if your famous and someone just needed killing they get away with it. In some of the worst cases maybe that’s how they became celebrities in the first place. A sort of morbid curiosity must tell me when I am in danger of becoming too popular. Perhaps that’s why I can’t get paid in the first place. Are celebrities just like big laundry machines that can say whatever they want and sell anyone’s stuff to help them pay the bills. I feel sometimes that celebs just don’t have the same moral standards and say and do anything and that’s why they are so rich. If someone just accidentally dies there stuff has to go somewhere maybe to some degree the celebrity screw is picking up these properties and assets.
Maybe I’m celebrity screwed in other ways I just can’t put my
finger on. I have a nasty habit of talking to myself and I am really trying hard to quit. It’s like someone is constantly talking to me and its driving me insane. It’s usually some raspy woman’s voice maybe in her 40’s that sounds desperate and needy. Perhaps when my son calls shes in the background. Scary just thinking about it. I wish I knew if my sperm was stolen and I impregnated some poor woman. Even worst if she had her own reality TV show that would be even scarier.

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