Whats wrong with these guys

I don’t want to ridicule or use my money to become famous
or blast my name all over the media. I would much rather do something productive with my money. Being selfish or blowing it all in a year isn’t my idea of fun either. I’m sure a home of course would be the first thing I would get. Nothing opulent just comfortable. I really do feel that there is some kind of conspiracy to hide my popularity in order to criminally steal my wealth. I feel irritated when I encounter rich people that seem to have obtained there wealth through unhonorable means. I really have to fight the urge to randomly insult these people and I feel a anger that builds up inside. I wouldn’t never physically harm anyone but if I could prove criminal activity and theft of my personal brand I might consider it. Why do these groups of people seem to always cause me problems. In many cases I think there are millionaires that exist simply because they can be ignorantly controlled by a misleading boss somewhere. I think this fraud is mainstream in the economy and disguised through credit cards mostly. Credit cards seem to be the place most of these people hide and create wealth. Stupidity seems to control allot of this
wealth distribution. I hate the fact that books seem to personify this
culmination of ideal physical properties and theft. Showing anyone
anything seems to work against all new authors. I have tried everything from practically begging online to calling my publisher to asking for my check yet it seems in my case they all just refuse payment. I have tried reporting this to the courts and authorities yet they just seem to ignore me. No one seems to want to pay me for my thoughts yet I seem to becoming popular. I don’t want to wine and snivel but you have heard sob stories of woman being raped and getting millions for there books.
Yet if a man is strangled, robbed from massive amounts in stocks,
imprisoned, beaten unconcious, tortured, tasered this seems not even to get one book sale. Perhaps I have to make this clear to some people. I’m tired of wasting my time writing about my life and sharing it only to get ripped off and read by someone that believes they are above the law. I want to stop complaining please shut me up and pay me. How with all the millionaires in Canada not one seems to think I deserve some relaxation time. How is it all these boys keep interviewing me. I really am sick to death of being insulted in interviews and challenged by boys that haven’t even experienced life yet. How is it they are the ones hiring. I think we seem to have a problem of the hiding millionaire factor. If your man enough to stare me in the eye tell me how much smarter and deserving you are then me. Why not tell me why you deserve millions and how hard it was to earn. I don’t feel I should be instantly wealthy because I was nearly strangled to death by some idiot in Calgary, Ab and driven home by Calgary Police either. Your stupid either way. You don’t beat people up because they want to get laid either. You don’t strangle people because they are buying beautiful woman drinks and having fun
either. People like this are morons. That’s one for instance where filing assault charges and some idiot that thinks he can do what he wants at the back alley deserves mentioning. Come to think of it I been noticing allot of his friends from Calgary, Ab moving to BC. now. Not sure if these bouncers are following me or trying to get away from me. Its a stupid job if you ask me. You should be there to break up violence not create it. But many don’t see it that way they really do get paid to go out looking for fights. Talking about this isn’t going to change the fact I was purple for weeks due to strangulation either. I was fired from my job perhaps my boss didn’t like the fact I was purple. Just more damage created by the after effects of some Goon attack. There really is nothing to investigate since the police attended and gave me the ride home. Heaven forbid when bouncers (call their police friends) which happened to me they show up even without being sent by dispatch. Not sure if this was the case or not. However I do recall someone saying don’t bother I got a police buddy I can call. This really doesn’t make you feel comfortable when you did absolutely nothing to warrant physical violence yet somehow just start getting beat up. Whats wrong with these guys state of mind. I’m sure if your cool throw around lots of money at the bar and people find that annoying because of this they might have the problem.

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