Usually you don't beat up people that are good for business

Usually you don’t beat up people that are good for business.
If these guys are millionaires wow the world needs a rethink.
I’m sure if I behaved that way and had millions I wouldn’t live too long to talk about it. Maybe that should fall into my diplomatic immunity fund. I guarantee in my new country if you are cool and buy lots of woman drinks and have fun you will be protected not beaten. Then there are those people that just seem to emanate a dark eery feeling. I have gone on some interviews where it felt like either the old guy was selling drugs or taking hits for money. It felt awful just being in front of this guy. I had this same feeling at a TD Bank when the manager pulled me into talk to him in his office. I had a mortgage there but he didn’t feel right to me. Not to long later after that conversation I was fired again. I have wondered if these events somehow are all connected. I don’t want to earn dirty money from some hot bloody wrath of GOD stuff. But it felt just that way. There has been two times I felt that way at work before and this was the same. Who knows maybe the owners of the company had some people die with insurance claims on the money and I was feeling that. There must be a reason. I fear payback too. What if mentioning all this some guy somewhere from over 10 years resurfaces and wants vengeance. Well first lets hope he or she buys the book. That would help allot. My books won’t unpublish themselves or change in any way but according to Walk off the earth this might be happening. I
would hate to chuckle at someone trying to re-write my books. I doubt I need to embellish my life its interesting enough the way it is. I feel writing about this now near page one hundred and forty nine is a bit safer. That way you know I am not just after some big settlement.
Wouldn’t that be cool though. A man’s life that is so complicated by
people that have harmed him its easier just to give him millions of
dollars. Let the rest sort themselves out. Maybe I’m Chinese! Or at least my thinking oh well so much for my free trade idea with China. Lets hope this book has no problems with saleability. I really think
everything in this chapter in particular should be given diplomatic
immunity. By now I’ll probably have my own country. Oh here I go
again dreaming. Facts only. My boot size is 12 but my cowboy boot
size is 9 3A . I need new boots that’s sort of here nor there but that’s the facts the souls coming off. I should buy a new pair of cowboy boots or at least shoes.
I did.
I want to be interesting but I’m afraid of the cliche. Heaven
forbid some guy want revenge or even worst some woman! Maybe after this I will be the worst they have ever seen. People coming from all over the world showing up with what they claim to be my book wanting vengeance. The iron hand of GOD will be smashing my face with whats this hey finally my checks here. Wammo nothing with a big 0 on it. Its sad that there are so many crap books out there being sold. I wonder if the best sellers make fun other books. Or is that a cliche as well. If you make fun of anyone or anything you will never be paid ever. Meanwhile other books that talk about long walks in the park make millions. Who wants to read about boring stuff though. Wouldn’t you rather read about someone with Diplomatic Immunity from parks and recreation. Perhaps there is certain countries that can’t help themselves and spy on me constantly. What about Egypt. I’m curious maybe they can’t get enough of me constantly controlling my internet and trying to gather information  on me. Why though. I hope I have Diplomatic Immunity in Egypt just because. It would be nice that all extradition treaties go to my country and not export native citizens out of them as well. Hopefully that isn’t the case. Why a country would want to spy on one person remains a mystery to me. The hacker group anonymous perhaps know allot of Farsi. Of course I hope that THE GROUP honors my treaties I would hate to become a Iran plotting to wipe countries off the face of the map.

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