As a undercover tow truck driver I made no effort to hide

It looked placed to me. Any way perhaps I was in no position to argue.
Working for free sucks when you have to take direction from someone. Of course I was never the boss when asked. I loved that part about my job. I always claimed the boss made us do things a certain way. They just didn’t realize I was the boss in my early twenties. So I came off very believable. Assholes became my bread and butter. After a long day dealing with shit for free and losing money on repairs and fuel eventually a asshole would come up. I was when it came to dealing with assholes. Every assumes that your a big towing company accepting credit cards and debit but I had nothing of the sort. This was costly back then and always cost hundreds of dollars to set up. There was no square which today I actually use. Things have changed a lot. If a asshole was stuck in the ditch and needed to get out because he had been drinking was a goldmine. I am not the police. It is not my job to report intoxicated drivers. However I think that may have been the case at times. I am positive that I don’t have to take breath samples. Your in less position to argue with someone when your trying to get your car home and evade prosecution. Maybe I should of put this into my diplomatic
immunity chapter which I believe I had special permission for. Finally a fair price for towing! Off I would go and love it now that the shoe was on the other foot. Someone needed my talent and skill and willing to pay the price whatever it takes. And there was the words. Whatever it takes! God bless you. Now the pressure is off and I can concentrate on the job at hand and eventual cash payment. Cha ching I am back in business paying for fuel for the next clowns that will harass me for free work.
This was almost as good as my other friend that owned his tow truck
when he got bonus’s. He claimed there was a blow job for a tow job rule he en-voked. That’s not the most foolish thing I heard being a tow truck driver though since I assumed he was joking with me. After all who would do that. I have had trade offers too like hey man what if I trade you this bag of weed. I again am not a police man. I assumed it was garden vegetables with pungent odor. As well this was something my competition took care of. Rumors abounded about drug dealing and all kinds of silly such nonsense which I had to put to rest. When I worked for the competition for a few weeks and he was out of town doing contract work for 3 companies at once. Perhaps I had too many hats on at 24. I seemed to think I was basically in control of everything. Perhaps I was. Though it was interesting watching me discuss things MY BOSS made me do to make more money. He is around here somewhere. Shit don’t call! Dammit my phones ringing. I was actually busted on that once. Oh looks like he forwarded the phone to me. My secret weapon allowing me seem less transparency no operators and a digital paging device when assholes become impossible to talk to in person. When the pager was on I might as well said I was out on a date or at the bar.
As a undercover tow truck driver I made no effort to hide. I was
always at the Tim Hortons I wonder if they knew. I guess I come to get
to know a few people that probably were on to me but realized I had no choice. Who else would do your shit for free 24/7. Dates were the most difficult and I really didn’t enjoy explaining I at times was responsible for 3 companies. We all never made enough to survive and it was kind of sad. Even with all three feeding me work it usually cost me more money to do it than earn from it. ButI had a sense of purpose. That’s the thing. I had somewhere to go and a essential service to the community. It had to be done. Who else would do it. If you piss on me the only guy doing this for forty kilometers your going to have to way another 6 hours for help probably. Eventually we all sort of work together hence the 3 companies. Who cares the phone rings and I take care of stuff. On dates I think even the girls tried to make me feel important.

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