When will the stars align

It was nice but I was already mature enough that my ego wasn’t inflatable. I had a certain group of bar friends I liked to hang out with that were all so interesting. Maybe I just hung out with the wrong sort of people. Maybe I just didn’t realize what was going on. Maybe I just too care of too many impounds. Maybe I ended up with too much stuff that wasn’t mine that became mine. Heaven forbid I was secretly getting ICBC’s funeral service. Many times I was asked to pick up vehicles with no officer on scene even. At times I worry that some day maybe some problem officer might just remember something and want to clean up my messy memory problem. Oh come on now not every book has to be some bullshit investigation. Heaven forbid there yet again is another asshole working for police that wants to use me. The problem is I constantly seem to have been used my entire life in some way. I am used to take care of a problem with my life in some way yet never given the financial means to do it. At times I feel there has been someone or something hiding behind lots of profiles of mine that is ominous. Perhaps I was a mean to a ends at times. I am not trying to over exaggerate but I really am sick of doing things for nothing. I would hate even the publishing process be fucked up by one of these clowns. The only reason these assholes seem to get
involved is because they want things done for nothing or free money. It seems that they are the only ones that get money for nothing and at some point think they can get away with anything. I feel at times that there are a hand full of good police that well just go somewhat bad and a group of bad shitty undercover fake investigators that do essentially nothing. I feel at times like I get lifed. You know some one wants to cause a problem for you so they assign a case to one of these lifers. They really do make money from doing some things and aware what they are doing is wrong but see it as a essential service. I feel like I get raped a lot. Its seems now as business as usual and that someone in THE GROUP seems to annoy me in whatever way with there life. Getting lifed with some shit for brains really is the worst attack since just being around them makes you want to throw up. Their very soul is dark and you feel how they use people to get what they want to hide a sinister secret. I hate being around these people that use there position to manipulate the system. They keep getting paid and no matter what THE GROUP needs them to do some of their dirty work so they are constantly kept around. You shouldn’t be a thief at work it can’t be more simple than that. When will the stars align and I will get in on the gravy train. Make my knowledge power. If I could get paid from everything I knew I bet I would make a mint. The problem is getting the process out of the hands of some loser using me. Again how the hell do we do that. These lifers are everywhere. I wish they would leave me alone. THE GROUP really should clean house and get rid of all of them. I really hate the aura of a bad lifer that forces me to deal with him or her. Why are these people in
control of power in the first place. I might as well said my problem is
with ICBC in some way since I got paid by them. Maybe these two
elements are working together and using me seemed to be what they did. I realized I was lifed before when some idiot put a claim for property damage on my insurance without me even knowing about it. This is one example of a scum bag. I’m sure there are more working together. They say don’t insult someone you know. Well lets meet then and I can tell you what a fucking loser you are to your face then and how you deserve to be in prison. Losers abound when your surrounded at times. They all work together outnumber the right decision maker at times and eventually just ignored. There is nothing you can do about it. Losers push the boundaries of GOD and mans law at time and feel that the law doesn’t apply and they have GOD’s permission to do things. This is a separate place reserved for ANIMALS. THE GROUP just needs to keep them on board long enough where they eventually eliminate themselves it would seem. People can’t threaten your life either but it happens all the time. More losers and I really am getting angry just thinking about it.
Never take life. Its the worst sin. If you believe in vengeance and old
testament stuff well you need to realize its 2015.

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