Priority Towing where we make your tow our priority

We definitely are so unorganized at the moment I really don’t even know who works for us and I’m the director. Quite possibly he works for us and we just don’t know. What ever happen to the Nexus program too. Does that even work. So I just give like 40 to 100 bucks and I can run into the United States any time I want. No line ups just just over the border being pre-screened like some kind of wild cheetah. I just don’t understand some of the more useless divisions of THE GROUP that really fail to deliver on a good idea. People change how can you pre-screen someone so they can go across the border unchecked. How long would the clearance be on this grandiose idea. Its only 100 or 200 bucks a year or so I think what can you expect for that. What about writers is there a levy for dramatization of reality. If I have suffered enough people using me do I get the right to arrest anyone I want that has my book and hasn’t payed up. Surely if I was given Diplomatic Immunity I could get to the bottom of things quicker. I promise not to go out your airports anymore even if
the janitor that works there says its ok. Mind you I wouldn’t have to
worry about getting arrested for it anymore I would site my Diplomatic Immunity. In Comox we actually leave the 737 on the tarmac outside the airport. Honest if someone runs for the fences its no big deal who wants to go to the Griffin Pub anyway. If you start out on the inside of the fence jumping over it to freedom and a pub is no real big deal. The USA could learn allot from Canadians. It just seems more of wrong place at the wrong time. Well its been 11 years now I wonder if my file has got dust on it at homeland security. DENJUNE20 might have dust on it by now. Unless there was foreign spying during that time. I would hate to think I have become popular over there. Since they still haven’t paid me for any books I assume they are the criminals now. Maybe I should spy on them. I kid about this but seriously I can’t believe how impossible it is being a Author. Who are these best sellers and do they really exist. Not that I hate success stories I love them but if they are fake ones that’s sort of the
things that disturb me. No one wants to believe a lie. Well I don’t. I feel if a lie is necessary to carry on day to day living then you have some serious brain problems. Time to re-evaluate how you do business. If I had diplomatic immunity this would never of happened in the first place.
Don’t do this at work.
I know what your thinking. If everyone knew what not to do at work
we all would all of kept our jobs longer. Also the goal is not to hide
whatever you think you can get away with. If no one hears you or sees
you doing it doesn’t mean you’ll last. There is many things you shouldn’t do at work but I must admit that when I was younger maybe I did a few that were really stupid. Let me take you there first off! This chapter will take you back in time through the partially explained Nowhere Near Perfect and expand on the towing business I had. Just the name I cleverly prepared. Priority Towing where we make your tow our priority. My neighbor was quite a character. First of all I have to get into how interesting my neighbor is and this could take up a bit of time. At least I like one of my neighbors and not just because he gave me a job for a couple years. I enjoy his temperament. I started working at the Bodyshop meters away from where I live with some experience gained from working at another in Courtenay, BC. This was 1995 I believe it was or 1996 so I’m sorry if this takes you out of the moment for a second. I was eager to prove my worth as Bodyman starting out prepping and cleaning vehicles for bodywork and priming. This kept me fairly busy as after towing a vehicle after a collision he would pick up the repair through ICBC or privately to fix the damage. People go in the ditch for a variety of reasons not just the rare cases. It seemed to happen a lot during this time though and these days I hardly see accidents. Any way my neighbor picked up most the autobody work from accidents. It started getting busy in the shop as I worked throughout the day priming vehicles or cleaning or eventually bodywork. My neighbor gave me the shittiest rust repairs since he didn’t want to upset the other two bodymen.

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