Perhaps your wildly popular and secretly stored under lock and key somewhere

Once the tap is turned on it runs forever in one direction and always the same way and nothing is stopping the stream. The stream is established and all the younger generation can do is put a small straw in it to siphon off some. We can just take from whats in place already and at the end of the day or when the tap is off we take our straw and go home. We will never get as much, it will never be secure and a part of the home, and we will eventually get kicked out and have to find another tap. We seem to get bumped out of the process never to become the tap. The elderly like to belittle as well. If they are the majority of the population even when they at times help they hide
there helping as long as possible. We never really realize how they are
helping or where the wealth might be coming from even. This is done to maintain superiority I am assuming. Eventually we will realize and be shocked that it wasn’t what we thought it was. The elderly believe they deserve more and special privileges to take from the young any time they want. Have you had enough yet. Maybe you just can’t handle all the bickering and complaining now time to change the subject.
Another problem people and computers don’t face is we can be
passionate and opinionated. The problem with being this way is others might get upset with you. Maybe books are this way. They pull at our heart strings and force us to see another opinion. This is great. Two paragraphs and we are done here. You might not give people enough credit or you might just be confused at the fact not a single person in four years has even noticed you. Perhaps your wildly popular and secretly stored under lock and key somewhere. Email is one of the better ways of getting in touch with a author. I wish more people did that. Perception is key with books I think. Whether people really read them who really knows. Books could be traded like stocks too. Bought and sold to a highest bidder and never read. Its only when it seems we have to acknowledge fact we seem to forget that books cost money and its not cheap moving them around the country to adoring fans. Commercialization likes to take advantage of the little guy. Companies like Amazon forget to pay there publishers all the time. It really is rare when the process as a self publisher from beginning to end really does work out. There seems to always be a problem that comes up. More forms you have to fill out then minimums that arise you need to sell more books. The fact that they looks so foolish doing this makes a person never want to entertain them ever again. There is something that has to be said about bringing a book to market yourself. You know a book just can’t exist according to many things. A person really has to purchase it I
am told and it be licensed with the seller. I suppose the fact they are is
disturbing to some publishers as well. No one wants to pay large
commissions. THE GROUP enjoys raping citizens all the time and
nothing seems to happen to them. Publishers rape new authors all the time as well. Never talk about yourself I guess that’s the problem. The fear maybe for new authors that maybe your audience just refuses to pay. Maybe they want to ruin the authors life in court arguing over facts. Who knows really. I guess when I eventually get my first check I will stop complaining about how everyone is raping me. Sure would be nice though. I wonder sometime if there is another side to authors in the real world we just don’t see. You know people that write about things they just don’t feel just to put text on paper and market it to us. I guess companies like chapters wouldn’t exist unless all there licenses with companies like KOBO didn’t exist. Mind you selling the KOBO division must have been a decision they made recently that affected all there titles they sell on there avenues. I think its upsetting to see someone argue with people over the delivery method of books. If a book is electronic does it fail the real test. The words have to be the same. I just don’t understand I suppose. If a license is held to commercially sell your intellectual property on someones commercial property why would it matter if the book was physical or electronic. Electronic things don’t exist. Maybe this is the problem. Its convenient to fail to pay for delivery of a product electronically and much more difficult to track.

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