Pavement hurts way more than ground

I found two screws on the road today after walking about 40kms
on it. Well 35 on pavement and 5 on ground. This is unusual for me
since I walk that far all the time but always on the railway and wilderness trails. What a difference ground and pavement has on the body. I learn’t my lesson today that’s for sure. Unfortunately I was much more visible on the road. This makes it obvious the DUI caused me damage. I have no car no license no bike either and lots of road to cover to go to my bank. I hate asking people for help. Especially people that hate giving me help. I hate being where I am not wanted. Let me be as bold as to suggest men are guilty of this type of behavior more so than women. Sometimes we punish ourselves indirectly rather than face the indignity of needing help from someone that hates giving it. You don’t have much choice other than walking. Some people think the bus goes everywhere. I however am not one of those people. I understand that living in a rural area the bus is not common. Buses aren’t cheap either its costly to move around and if you have no money at all pointless. If someone steals your bike its even tougher. Pavement hurts way more than ground that’s for
sure. I use to do this 3 and 4 times in a seven day period however there is no way I am doing this pavement 4 times a week. I am learning that I hate pavement itself. The very look and smell of asphalt is really starting to get to me. I really hate the stuff it forces me to walk on it to get to certain places I don’t even want to be sometimes. Its too bad I couldn’t walk on 3 inches of peat moss everywhere I have to go or at least grass.
Conspiracy theories abound. Another way celebrities screw you
is with there fame which may or may not be yours. Maybe you have
heard that new song out or it is at least now as I am writing Aug, 5″‘ 2015 2:05pm called rule the world. Those of you that are up on the music industry this song is pushing nearly number one on the Canadian top 30 list. Its a new Canadian band called walk off the earth. One of they lyrics in this song interests me. “ Made it through the shades of Gray made it my own way ”. As far as I can tell I am not the only one that believes that this novel is being widely accepted as selling someone elses work. Its implied at least to me that the song writer thinks this content isn’t the authors and maybe its contents might be changed a bit too frequently. I am basically putting it this way. I am suggesting that possibly this book is what people create when they get caught doing something wrongful in publishing. Big thanks to Walk off the earth for pointing this out. I totally agree with you and thanks for suggesting it in that lyric. To me the book seems automated and non-human and lacks soul. I will get into this more into this in 51 shades of Abernathy Cray. Its true computers and artificial computers can write a book but the creative process doesn’t exist. The fundamentals might be there but as far as interesting I might as well be reading a installation manual.
Whats the deal with retarded celebrities. What a screw job
celebrity retards are. I don’t mean that the way it sounds but I’m paranoid that someone in a thick mask and retard will drop out of the sky and attack me. And now your done. Who knows what the point of half of these things that celebrities do are. To be memorable or to scare us or keep us on our toes. You know how awkward and difficult it is to have a conversation with someone that’s retarded. It’s impossible. Not that I don’t have years of experience. You never know maybe a friend of mine is a bit slow. Seriously though I think celebrities should have much more important things to do. Mind you as far as celebrity screw if a retard is the best you can do you better find the parents permission first. If that’s a problem you should really find someone more suitable or your own age. I know how that sounds how could someone suggest something so strange. There probably are normal people and mildly retarded people that do things together but marriage. That’s just weird. Celebrities get married too much anyway. What a headline grabber that would be though. “Celebrity marry’s a retarded person” headline. People find the word retarded to be objectionable even.

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