That seems to be the only thing I can say

Again this tactic just provokes. Or perhaps a audible sound to ensure
sleeplessness. If this is provable and it would be nice if these assholes
were removed from my neighborhood. If that’s the home that’s
constantly being sold and bought that everyone knows about wow am I sorry. Generally I just wish I was left alone but I keep finding people I don’t know show up out of the blue. No one ever wants to talk. Hi Neighbor! Never just a glare and evasiveness. I have tried when I run into these people far out in the woods. They turn into assholes. They have no reply. I assume they work for social assistance and maybe given some job where they look after people suffering from people just like themselves that make life difficult. The aura is fairly consistent with these people. Nothing comes from spying on your neighbor. Its why its illegal. Talking works much better. Unless your full of shit in which case read the chapter. Spying in general seems like such a ignorant act when done domestically. At least if your spying on a Country other than yours the law is more lenient and you can have a mission statement if caught. I fear there is a enormous group of people that have made the study of Kevin Katovic in some way a career. All of these people are unwarrantably allowed to abuse me constantly. No matter how much I complain to the privacy commission of Canada and other agencies nothing can ever be done. They just seem to think they are more important and nearly combative. I wonder if it is the military even at times provoking me. I am assuming every time I call a division and catch someone this is the response. Basically its a big fuck off. Well how powerful do you have to become before you can tell THE GROUP to fuck off. I wish I could. They deserve it for all the abuse of authority used to make my life miserable.
Whats this got to do with stuff you don’t do at work. Well again
who knows like I will ever hold down a full time job. Obviously some
fuck tard will screw things up for me and shit can me. A Judgment in my favor would sure be nice preventing people from taking my human rights away. That would be nice a order in place giving me the right to work too and be better at everything without fearing being fired. At some point the continual human rights violations eventually would stop further retaliation. Yet there you have it. Loss of license, my car and what I fear to be many undercover police. Coincidence or just more of the same bone heads that fail to pay for things commit felonies and posses stolen property even. This shit would never happen in the mafia. A boss somewhere would eventually get awarded a pay up. Unless I was caught trying to date the entire music industry I can’t see how this would ever be a problem. Besides we aren’t going to do Pilates together I was clear. Never again. Never know anyone. Let go of it. Forget me.
I’m so sorry. That seems to be the only thing I can say. Let go of
it already let sleeping dogs lie. I keep wanting to go back into a previous chapter and change something. I have to resist the urge to change the past. Don’t do that at work. Don’t change the past paperwork to hide your failures. My GOD what a disappointment. Unless your Jewish and its may. Just go away and come back in December. Well this paragraph made no sense whatsoever I think its time to move on.

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