My make believe agency is no laughing matter

I put allot of thought into everything I do. My make believe agency is no laughing matter. Sure I’m no Black-Rock but we have rocks now, mostly white. Its a step in the right direction. Sure the job by the military base in Delta, BC might have been a bad cover. But he had the right pajamas on at work. Its too bad about the post traumatic stress disorder with my immediate supervisor though. It was obvious to me. I research things.
Well I do my best. I am not in my teens anymore or twenties so I doubt I will be doing any hacking of THE GROUPS delicate systems. I doubt anyone might come to me with information only I can secure. Why not lets start bragging! After all someone hacked Bill Gates bank account why can’t this be done. If I throw a number out there and say Stephen Harpers personal bankroll floats around 7 million would I be
investigated. Would CSIS check this out. I think the problem with
CSEC and CSIS is the lack of real talent. They have extremely low
budgets and supposedly these jobs are very competitive. It’s really
strange though that the people that get hired aren’t as talented as I hoped. We really should get a website. But there is this whole money problem. I wish I could get some real people not just people that claim to help me. Its tough being me. I’m stretched really thin and have no international involvement. I need Diplomatic immunity so that the fear of me having billions of dollars in research money never becomes a problem. Obviously I wouldn’t be living in a basement suite if I had billions. I would have a mansion. I watched some interesting guys on American Greed though doing business out of their bedrooms though. Nothing that sophisticated. This is not a dream of mine becoming a international spy loved and loaved all over the world. Its happening baby.
I didn’t mean to scare you. Though its the perfect cover. I hope
she sings to me one day. Wow the cheese is slipping off my cracker. I
hate it when that happens. I just ate too much ice cream again. I must
take a break I think the sugar rush has me thinking about total world
domination again. I never understood threats which basically in my
favorite spy movies involved Diplomatic Immunity. Image that eh your typical Russian spy visiting America cold war stuff. That’s right my friend I’m talking totally behind the laurels and palm trees in a trench coat giving you documents stuff. I’m telling a story again aren’t I? Wrong actually I hate to be blunt but there was some Russians I believe in this area not too long ago. No palm tree though and certainly he wasn’t doing anything stupid. I hate cliche haters. This stuff happens my friend. There is nothing I can do to stop it. He most definitely didn’t look proud of himself either. I doubt it. I hope my internet connection has Diplomatic Immunity. Seems fair after all we stuck together through thick and thin. The lines around my home have been getting better since the interference on the lines finally is gone. I believe a lineman too care of a bad link on it. No more static on my phone the crackling finally went away. I can’t imagine doing a job my whole life where my job was doing something illegal though or causing interference. Certainly there would be a agency that could take care of line quality problems and oversee these sort of things. This isn’t the first time things been fixed around here either. Not too long ago the shitter was replaced in my private bathroom. Don’t go in there. Wow is it ever nice. The inside adapter was a joke on my old one. The chain was always getting hung up on the lever and jamming it had a horrible seat. Things are looking up around here. I actually have a smile on my face these days. There is nothing better than going into a strangers home and taking a big dump and leaving too. We danced.
I have no idea if any of this makes sense but if you need
diplomatic immunity and go around throwing my make believe agency logo around don’t expect to have back up. As well if you threaten anyone and flip our agencies logo like some sort of gang sign on the side of your hip don’t expect special treatment or to be monitored.

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